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CMT is a proud Maine-based company that offers end to end revenue cycle management services to physicians and Medical billing companies in USA. Our goal is to help them manage their business in a way where they can focus on patient care and operations, not paperwork! By providing great services at reduced costs, we have been able to keep our customers since our inception in 2005.

As a medical billing outsourcing company, we have helped our clients grow their business by providing them with the resources they need to succeed while maintaining a competitive edge in today’s industry. We offer timesaving, cost-effective revenue cycle management services to your USA based practice. Ready to outsource your billing needs? We’ll guide you through your account receivables to make sure that your claims get paid.

Eliminate overhead, paperwork, stress, and the risk of revenue loss

Medical Billing Services We Offer in Maryland

CMT, a medical billing outsourcing company, offers revenue cycle management services to medical billing companies across the U.S. Following are revenue cycle management services we offer.

CMT Medical Billing offers you complete revenue cycle management, starting from the moment your patient walks in the door until payment for your medical services are received. Our medical billers are located throughout Maryland, in major cities such as Baltimore, Ocean City, Annapolis, and Rockville, and they are always ready to help you meet your Revenue Cycle Management needs.

Fast, reliable, and secure medical office management and revenue optimization solutions to future proof your business.

A smart way to deploy complete practice workflow automation and realization of revenue growth

CMT started as a medical billing company. Later, along with medical billing, we collaborated with AdvanceMD to offer you the world’s best cloud-based medical software and services platform to transform your private practice into an amazingly productive care center. We are pleased to offer our entire suite of software and data storage on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting platform. Combined, CMT and AWS offer an unprecedented experience with fast, reliable access to all your information, unwavering data security, and simplified storage with automatic backup. Which means starting or growing your practice on the cloud is as easy and affordable as it gets.

Because our software is hosted and managed on AWS and Citrix, as part of your low monthly subscription you get the highest levels of reliability, security, and performance. Our cloud platform makes our software simple to access across multiple devices and platforms with complete availability of all your information. You get a server-free environment so running your practice can be much more efficient. CMT on the AWS cloud lets you work from anywhere and any member of your staff can access information simply and securely through a browser or Smartphone.

Discover the Benefits of Using a Medical Billing Service

A Trusted Growth Partner for Your Hospital

For the last 20 years, CMT has led the way in hospital-based clinical practice management. With a foundation in Emergency Medicine, we’ve used our knowledge and expertise to strategically grow our clinical partnership areas to best serve the full continuum of healthcare. When our partners rely on us to staff multiple departments, the CMT advantage shines even brighter, with patients and clinicians experiencing better continuity of care, and hospitals seeing the power of integrated performance.

No matter the setting, our innovative service models enhance quality and efficiency while stimulating growth.

We offer our clients a team environment. We strive to be a part of your office so that you are always informed. We understand that your money is your money and we treat it that way. We don’t just write off money because it’s too hard to get. We make every effort so that you get paid for the services you provide. We also value your patient relationships and realize that part of our interaction with your patients can strengthen your relationships with them.

Why You Should Choose Us

Medical Billing is a Headache. We can help!

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help our customers personally, listen to their problems and offer the best solutions in the industry. We provide cost-effective and efficient customized medical billing programs for any size practice and have over fifteen years of proven sustained success in getting clients paid quicker, maximizing revenue collected and improving cash flow.

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We are a leading company with genuine expertise and an excellent track record in both medical billing and computer systems to meet all your needs.