Dictation Solution

Reliable. On Time. Every time.

This is the newest form of dictation/transcription. This system provides total freedom to do your dictation wherever and whenever you want. Hand-held digital is based on the same principle as the Voice files. Used with a special station provided by CMT, the dictation can be downloaded into your PC and transferred to CMT via E-mail to be forwarded to your transcriptionist. Once the transcription is completed, it will be E-mailed or couried back to you. If sent back to you via E-mail, the dictator can review and edit as necessary and it can be printed directly at your office.


  • Portable dictation anywhere, anytime.
  • Secure.
  • Equipment is provided by CMT (contact us directly for details).
  • Transcribed reports are back to you the following day.
  • All dictations to be transcribed can be reviewed before transmission.
  • Voice downloaded into your PC for secure Internet transfer to CMT for transcription.
  • No voice files are involved, so there is no chance of voice files wearing out or going bad.

Digital Recorder

  1. Record dictations in your digital recorder
  2. Transfer dictation files to your computer
  3. Simply email these to our email address dictation@cmtmt.com to get our dictation email address.

After successful completion of the free trial you can also opt to send us your dictations via our secure FTP. You can get a good quality digital recorder for approx. $200 (Olympus DS-660) from any famous online store like www.ebay.com, www.martelelectronics.com, www.ubid.com, www.amazon.com etc